Success Stories 11

How Law In Check saved a fraud case and $334,599 in unfair legal fees?

An international Law In Check client was unfairly charged $705,879.57 by their lawyer for a fraud court case. Because their lawyers’ fees were unreasonably higher than expected and higher than the sum of damages sought in the fraud case (around $600,000), they were forced to abandon the case. The lawyers insisted that their fees had already been discounted by $147,797.97 and unfairly threatened these discounts would be added to the bill if Law in Check sued the lawyer in the Costs Court.

After negotiations with the lawyer spanning months, Law In Check were able to successfully agree on a settlement representing a fair reduction of $186,801.44 to the unreasonable legal fees charged. The settlement also represented a further saving of $147,797.97, being the discounts which the lawyer would be entitled to seek/add back if we proceeded to Court to challenge costs. This represents a total saving of $334,599.41. This matter was fairly settled in a transparent and stress-free manner within 6 months of Law in Check’s involvement without needing to proceed to Court.

Because nobody should be unfairly charged by their lawyers it pays to check your legal fees with Law In Check.