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Frequently asked Questions

  • Businesses with panels of legal service providers
  • Any business spending over $1m on legal services
  • Businesses with multiple lines of legal work
  • Educating your Legal Service Providers
    We can attend the offices of your legal service providers or panel firms to provide CLE seminars addressing the types of costs that are and are not considered fair and reasonable by us when reviewing their bills.
    Our costs lawyers will go through the relevant sections of your costs agreements and billing guides, along with any applicable laws to demonstrate the types of costs that are and are not permitted to be charged.
    Legal service providers are also reminded about the level of detail required in their bills to enable assessment of the reasonableness of the fees charged. This sort of interaction with legal service providers significantly contributes to the cultural shift in the way fees are charged.
  • Consultation Services:
    We provide expert advice on any legal costing issue.
    Critical to the success of our service is reliance not only on the various relevant legislative and regulatory provisions in each state and territory which govern legal costs, but also development of and/or improvement to legal costs agreements and billing guidelines between your organisation and your legal service providers. If an account does not comply with the requirements of your costs agreement or billing guideline you have every right to request adjustment to the account.
    We review your current billing guides and costs agreements and advice on improvements to same. If required or if unavailable, we establish billing guidelines for future accounts submitted for payment.
  • Reductions to legal spend by ensuring legal service providers are paid only those legal costs and disbursements considered “fair and reasonable” and allowed pursuant to your contractual terms with your vendors
  • Indirect savings on legal spend
  • Arising from change in culture in the legal services providers’ billing practices, enabling them to bill more transparently
  • This generates net savings to your company arising from reductions obtained from accounts not previously scrutinised
  • Additional indirect savings as a consequence of your employees’ time being freed up from the task of bill review, enabling them to focus on their core duties
  • Our client spends less time being the ‘middle-man’ and simply checks over the total figures
  • Additional benefits include gathering of data on your legal service providers’ practices, helping you to focus your legal (and other) spend on the most cost-effective vendors
  • Our program operates efficiently, to be implemented smoothly and to provide virtually instantaneous benefits at a nil start-up cost.
  • Greater accountability and scrutiny.
  • Measurable savings.
  • Multiple indirect savings.
  • Arm’s length and independent review
  • Cultural shift from panel firms
  • Minimal set up cost
  • Proven results
  • We work with small business entities to determine the best process of legal costs auditing. We are flexible with the level of involvement required from us. Some options as to procedure are noted below.
  • Option 1
  • Receive accounts for review (either from client or directly from panel firm)
  • Assess each account and either:

  • Confirm account is reasonable, or
  • Request supporting documents or further information to enable better assessment, and/or
  • Request amended account with further details such as purpose of attendance and length of documents perused or prepared to justify time spent, or
  • Request amended account with reduced fee, setting out reasons
  • Receive supporting documents and/or amended account with further details

  • Confirm account is reasonable, or
  • Request amended account with reduced fee, setting out reasons
  • Receive amended account with reduced fee

  • Confirm account is reasonable and send to client for payment
  • Receive reasons from panel firm disagreeing to reduce fees

  • Confirm account is reasonable based on reasons and send to client for payment, or
  • Reject justification and escalate to client with advice on unreasonableness of fee charged
  • Option 2
  • Panel firm submits their invoices to us
  • We conducts initial audit and returns invoice to panel firm within 14 days
  • Panel firm is given opportunity to respond to proposed reductions
  • Final agreement is made by us, subject to final approval from client.
  • Option 3
  • We remain anonymous to the panel firms but provide analytics and reports as well as an item by item breakdown of the time claimed and reductions that should be made in each account which our clients can use to seek reductions in the fees charged.