Legal Dictionary

Legal Dictionary

While dealing with your lawyer, you may hear or see a few words that you may not be familiar with. We have put together this “legal dictionary” to help you expand your knowledge about legal costs.

Bill of Costs

A solicitor's account of charges and expenses incurred while carrying out a client's business.

Costs Assessment

A formal Court process where the reasonableness of costs charged by a lawyer is assessed, and a determination is made as to the costs that should have been charged by the lawyer.

Costs Agreement / Disclosure Statement

A formal agreement between a law practice and its client covering the scope of work, information as to how costs are to be calculated and an estimate of total legal costs . Under the Uniform Law a written costs disclosure i required to be provided if total costs are likely to be more than $750.

Legal Services Commissioner

Responsible for the regulation of the legal profession.

Costs Court

The Costs Court is a division of the Supreme Court of Victoria that deals with disputes in relation to legal costs.

Directions Hearing

Where parties in dispute attend court to obtain timetabling orders.


Mediation is where both parties meet with a neutral person who assists in negotiation of costs.

Preliminary Hearing

Best described as the trial before the trial – this proceeding takes place before the trial.


A barrister or other legal adviser conducting a case.

Notice of Objections

The document used by us to object to a solicitor’s bill of costs.

Professional Costs

The fees payable to lawyers for conducting their professional services for their clients.


Costs your lawyer has incurred on your behalf (eg – printing, translator, etc.)