Our Team

Our Team

The Law in Check team is run by Dipal, and supported by solicitors, Kate and Lemeez, and our Legal Operations and Client Services Officer, Kayla Rozenboom.

Dipal Prasad

Dipal is committing to working closely with, and being the voice for, individuals and businesses who have been charged unreasonable legal costs by a law practice. Reducing costs liability for such individuals and businesses is her priority, as is providing service which provides value to her clients.

Lemeez Chilwan

Lemeez is an attorney and notary public admitted in South Africa and is also an accredited divorce mediator. Lemeez graduated from The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 2014. She has eleven years of experience in legal costs which includes five years of being in private practice running her own legal costs consultancy in Johannesburg. Lemeez joined our team in July 2023 after a twenty- year absence from Melbourne, her second home.

Kayla Rozenboom

Kayla is a Legal Operations & Client Services Officer for Law In Check with more than 10 years experience in a Customer Service role. Kayla has completed a Certificate 3 in Business Administration and a Certificate 4 in Marketing and Communications.