What your experience with us might look like

What your experience with us might look like

By Law in Check

If you have a copy of the below documents, we will have a better understanding of your situation and be able to assist you faster.

  • All invoices for costs and disbursements issued to you throughout the duration of your matter.
  • Your costs agreement or costs disclosure
  • Any trust statement from your firm
  • Any correspondence relating to costs agreement or costs disclosure

From here we will review your documents and provide our preliminary advice. This will let you know the best way to go forward, this will include sending our estimate of fees and our initial view on whether you will benefit from our service and if you will receive a reduction in your fees/ costs charged by your previous solicitor. We will always be transparent and honest with you – if we don’t believe you will benefit from us, we will not take you on as a client.

If you decide to proceed with us and we find any evidence of any non-compliance with disclosure obligations, the following consequences can be triggered:

  • the costs agreement concerned (if any) is void; and
  • the client (you) is not required to pay the legal costs until they have been assessed; and
  • the law practice must not commence or maintain proceedings for the recovery of any or all of the legal costs until they have been assessed

The first step from here is recommending sending a Calderbank letter to the solicitor to try and settle the costs, if this is unsuccessful, we would move forward and proceed with filing a summons for taxation and potentially a Notice of Objection (document objecting to the invoices prepared by your solicitor) – this will form the basis of mediation and assessment in chambers.

Should you require any help with understanding or challenging your legal fees,
call Law in Check on 1800 529 462 or send us an email at info@lawincheck.com.au.
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