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Are you an individual or small business concerned by how much your lawyer has charged you?

Law in Check can check your invoices and costs agreements and provide expert advice to help reduce your legal fees if you have been overcharged by your lawyer.

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Legal Fee Refund/Reduction (for our individual and small business clients)

We review invoices, costs agreements and costs disclosures issued by your former (or current) lawyer.

We advise you on the reasonableness of the fees billed and negotiate with your former lawyer on any reductions to the invoices and/or refunds warranted.

If necessary, we commence proceedings in the Costs Court, or any other appropriate jurisdiction, against your former lawyer, prepare objections to the invoices and attend mediations and taxation hearings on your behalf for the purpose of assessment or review of the fees billed by your former lawyer.

We take pride in minimising costs liability for our clients in solicitor/client disputes by ensuring our clients are charged no more than fair and reasonable costs by their lawyers.

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Legal Costs Auditing (for our corporate clients)

We provide comprehensive legal costs management and auditing to ensure our small business clients receive the best value and service from their legal service providers.

We work closely with small business entities to ensure the fees charged by their legal service providers, including panel firms, are fair and reasonable. We capitalise on our decades of legal costing experience to dissect legal bills and challenge any excessive or unjustified fees.

By engaging us our small business clients have seen quantifiable, significant, rapid, measurable and enduring reductions in their legal spend, along with, quantifiable, significant, rapid, measurable and enduring improvements in their providers’ billing practices.

Put simply, by partnering with Law in Check you gain unprecedented value and control over all your legal costs.

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