Success Stories 10

Received a legal fee threat? Here’s why you need Law In Check.

Our client came to Law In Check seeking assistance when she was receiving unreasonable threats by her family lawyers to pay outstanding legal fees. We quickly realised that the threats were unfair and as the lawyers’ failure to disclose accurate estimates of total legal costs meant that the legal fees were not payable until assessed. Of the excessive $659,170.18 charged by her lawyer for 2 years' work, our client had already paid $604,956.25, despite being unhappy with the law practice’s work.

When Law In Check filed a proceeding in the Costs Court, the lawyers amended and even increased their invoice to a total of $809,277.82. This matter was hard fought and proceeded all the way to a taxation hearing. On the fifth day of taxation, the lawyers finally agreed to reduce their total costs to $519,956.25 and refunded $85,000 to our client (as our client had paid $604,956.25), which also covered Law In Checks charges. This represented a fair reduction of $139,213.93 to the initial invoice and $289,321.57 to the amended invoice.

Because nobody should be unfairly charged by their lawyers it pays to check your legal fees with Law In Check.